Fun Team-Building Activities for Your Next Staff Outing

Have you been noticing a decrease in your employee productivity? Sagging shoulders and weary faces of your employees? Sounds like it’s time to start planning an exciting staff outing to boost your employees’ morale. Staff retreats are an effective means of reducing the stress levels of your employees and enhancing the bond between them.

If you are wondering which team-building activities your employees will enjoy, consider the following fun things to do on a staff outing:

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunt is a great way to get your employees out of that slump. Come up with fun challenges to do, divide all your employees into various teams and you are good to go.

You can either have a small scavenger hunt indoors or opt for a bigger one even around your town or city. Those challenges and fresh air would rejuvenate your team while they work together to win the hunt.

Don’t forget to take pictures that you can all watch at the end of the hunt. The sillier the pictures, the more laughter at the end of an exciting day!

Cooking Competition

The best thing about this team-building activity is that the food can either turn up great, which means a delicious meal, or a disaster, which means more hilarity.

Again, divide your employees into teams, select a food category, hand them some ingredients, and set the clock. You might be surprised to see some of your employees brilliantly showcasing their leadership skills that you didn’t know they had.

Want to make this activity more challenging and fun? Select one ingredient that all the teams have to use in their food or have them make a pizza in any other shape than the traditional circle.

Improv Games

An improv game or workshop is an interactive and exciting way of sending your employees in a laughter fit while also helping them gain some communication skills. Following are some improv activities you can try:

1. Story Time

●     Divide your teams into groups,

●     Give each team a title of their story,

●     Each team take turns to face the audience and narrate the story,

●     Here is the catch: each team member can add just one sentence to the story,

●     Here is the other catch: the audience decides whose turn is next.

2. Counting

●     Divide your teams into groups,

●     Give each team stands in a circle with their heads down,

●     The team has to finish counting to 20,

●     The catch? No one knows who would speak next,

●     If two or more people say the number at the same time, the counting starts from the beginning.

Come up with other such games and laugh along with the silliness of the improv games.


This is probably the best way for getting your employees out of their shells, loosen up and have fun. The best part about karaoke nights is that no one has to be a great singer. Start a competition for the funniest group karaoke performance. Let your teams be as creative as they want, cowboy hats, silly voices, costumes should be welcomed.

Escape Room Games

Another fun team building activity, which requires patience, logic, teamwork, and leadership skills, is an escape room game. Each team gets ‘locked’ in a room with hidden clues that tells them the location of the key to the door. They have an hour to find the key and ‘escape’ the room.

Give these team-building activities a try in your next staff retreat. They are sure to get your employees re-energized and you will start noticing a drastic increase in their productivity levels. 


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