In the pursuit of growth, forward-thinking companies recognize the incredible power of retreats. Research consistently shows that fostering personal development, building genuine work relationships, and nurturing trust can significantly enhance goal achievement. Want your staff to feel more valued and motivated? Consider a team retreat.

Why Choose Globe Guides?

Your vision, our expertise. Our team specializes in tailoring retreats that not only meet your objectives but also offer transformative experiences that resonate with every team member. Be it bonding activities or value-driven experiences, we’ve got the perfect blend. We’re by your side, making your staff retreat seamless and memorable.


Our dedicated approach ensures your retreat is a roaring success


We dive deep, asking the right questions to fully grasp your company's needs.


Leveraging our extensive knowledge, we pinpoint the ideal destination, craft meaningful proposals, and define clear objectives.


Stay informed every step of the way as we meticulously arrange and execute your ideal retreat.

Destinations: Unlock Adventure & Connection

Why settle for ordinary when the world is filled with extraordinary? Whether you envision a tranquil getaway or an adrenaline-pumping adventure, our experts have the know-how to guide your group to unparalleled retreat experiences.

Spotlight Retreat: Bergen/Oslo, Norway

One of our clients embarked on a rejuvenating retreat to Norway’s serene landscapes. Activities like scenic trail tours and immersive ship journeys not only allowed teams to connect with nature but also fortified trust and camaraderie among them.

Hear It From Them

Your experiences fuel our passion. Dive into the stories of those who've journeyed with us.

Hi Team, I would like to say thank you so much for the detailed updates and support, everything was amazing



    I have been working with Peter Lombard and Globe Guides on a travel project that has taken many modifications and has been very time-consuming. Peter is very detailed oriented and is invested in the customer's comfort and needs. He even thinks about things you haven't and comes ready with a plan to incorporate them into your travel needs. He is always a phone call away and answers your call with a pleasant demeanor no matter how many times you call. He is an expert at moving around people in the music industry and knowledgeable about the specific needs of the artist. Peter's level of professionalism and calm laid-back demeanor have been key to carrying the project along and reaching the desired results. He has gone above and beyond expectations.

      Ajalah E.


      Just wanted to say thank you for making our retreat Awesome. Everything was amazing from the transportations to the accommodation. We definitely will be using you for our large events and trips in the future.

        Leonardo Vergara